Jan 102007

I have had the strangest urge to play flicking games lately. Games like; Crokinole, Carabande, and Carrom. However, with my budget I just cant afford to go out and buy any of these. So my desire to flick little wooden disks has inspired me to create my own take on a flicking game (Flicking + Conflict = Fun).Flick wars can be played on any kitchen table, and will fit into a large dice bag. Each player has 10 disks in his army. There are also 3 different unit types in the basic game (I have already begun working on an expansion); Archers, Infantry, and Calvary. During your turn you can ether move one of you disks, or attempt to attack an opponents disk. Each unit has a different movement rate (the number of times you can flick the disk), and specific requirements for making an attack on another piece. The winner of the game is the first player to accumulate 6 kills. Dan and Mark played the game last night and both had very positive reactions.

This is an extremely portable game. My wife and I played it while waiting for our dinner at a local restaurant tonight. The game took about 25 minutes, and was very close. Our food arrived just as Melissa made the winning shot. The table was clean but felt a little tacky. This made judging shots a little more difficult than usual. All in all it was a very fun game. People kept watching what we were doing, and I kept thinking about how cool it would be to be able to tell them where they can purchase it online.

Mark has challenged me to get this game finished and self-published in one months time. I plan on meeting that challenge. I really feel that this game has that special something. Mark has really inspired me with his recent release of Honeypot.

I plan on posting updates on my progress in the following weeks.

3 Responses to “Flick Wars”

  1. This was a really cool game. Its like a much more portable Chrokinole, but with much more interesting interactions.

  2. Agreed. Ian’s game was super easy to pick up and start playing, and the gameplay was really fun without being fiddly, which can be a problem with flick-type “wargames”. There were a few little things that needed clarifying or smoothed out, but overall, it rocks pretty hard. I look forward to seeing it for sale soon, and, having been seen, buying it – and the inevitable expansions. Barrage!

  3. Hey, Ian, didn’t you say that you had a line on where to get cheap Crokinole pieces?

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